Holly explains the Interview and assessment process

If your application is successful you will be asked to undertake the train driver psychometric assessment. This consists of a range of assessments that assess your cognitive skills, psychomotor skills (hand coordination) and your behavioural preferences. The aim is to identify candidates who do not have the underpinning ability to be a safe train driver. The assessments can be carried out in one day, but typically employers split the assessments into two stages.

Stage 1 usually consists of the paper and pencil assessments, while stage 2 usually consists of the computerised assessments and a behavioural preference assessment. The link below allows you to download a booklet setting out the criteria and assessments that you will undertake.

You will be given practice materials to help you become more familiar with most of the tests and give you the opportunity to have a go at completing them. You only have two attempts at the assessments and so it is important to use the practice materials.

Employers may also carry out additional assessments, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to undertake assessments that are not listed here.

Click here to access a booklet giving more information about the assessments and practice tests papers from RSSB

You will also be asked to undertake a company specific interview. This interview looks to assess specific skills, values and behaviours that are relevant to the employer. This is typically a face to face interview either with a panel or sometimes the manager of the depot that you will be working in. This interview typically takes place once you have passed the assessments, but in some cases this interview can take place in between stage 1 and 2 of the psychometric assessment or can take place before you have undertaken the assessments.