Trailblazer, Kirsty Derry, HR Director of East Midlands Trains tells us why the launch of the new Train Driver apprenticeship has put the industry on the right track.

What will a Train Driver apprentice be able to do at the end of the apprenticeship?

The type of train they will be taught to drive will depend on who they work for, because train types differ between companies.

Apprentice Train Drivers will know how to maintain a safe and secure environment, on a constant basis.

Train drivers will learn how to recognise both company internal and external customers, focusing on the manner in which the message is delivered.

Depending on the type of company, a train driver apprenticeship could lead to senior management in an operational role, or to a career training others how to drive trains.

We realised there was a need to establish an industry-recognised standard to create a professional train driver workforce.

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